Well, I did get an MA in psychology in 1967 -- decades ago, I read
about a Neuro Linguistic Programming gambit, to wit:

"Jed, please, above all else, do not just jump swiftly to a completely
skeptical appraisal of Rossi's demos..."

the strategy being to use supporting the partner in doing the opposite
of what one thinks is best, in order to plant in the same sentence the
suggestion that mentions what one thinks is best -- eeeee, it works,

from my point of view, it can be helpful to offer a sibling some mild,
accepting, nonpushy outlines that highlight a possible breakthrough --
I've done this for Rossi several times for months, outlining the
possible benefits of publicly acknowledging his own path of folly --
in 1988, when I was losing my friends' investments as an amateur day
trader, a nice stranger took me for lunch, mildly inquired about what
I was doing, and after a while, he muttered something about the danger
of getting caught up in a Ponzi scheme, without requiring me to have
to respond -- it wasn't until 1994 that I was able to sell my house at
a 50% gain, and willingly pay back my many friends $ 70 K -- so I know
how it feels to evolve with the best of intentions step by step into a
hazardous blind alley in the maze of life -- this self-disclosure,
also, is a well-known mode for sharing healing ideas -- we are all one
another's keepers --  I am pleased to see these complex, confused,
polarized discussions going on for weeks and months with warmth and
humor and mild exasperation -- he who talks his walk has foot in the
mouth disease? --  perhaps you have some more reservations re my
sharings -- indeed, I'm all ears! --

"within mutual service" highlights the awesome actual intimacy within
which apparently highly individualized evolving aspects of single
entire unified creative hyperinfinity collaborate... richly, Rich

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 6:20 AM, OrionWorks - Steven Vincent Johnson
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> From Mr. Murray
>> You [Horace] present calm, clear, extremely reasonable points to justify
>> qualified skepticism -- I suspect Jed is likely to agree within a few
>> days.
> Horace often presents interesting points worth considering.
> However, for you to follow-up with your own prediction that Mr. Rothwell
> will soon capitulate to the other side is, to put it bluntly, naive of you.
> There is little "mutual service" in making predictions of the opinions of
> others on these matters. You strike me as being oblivious to the fact that
> what you are doing is a form of psychological manipulation, even though I
> suspect that from Jed's POV, he could care less what your opinion of his
> predicted opinions might be.
> Let me put it to you this way: Is it really any of your business, predicting
> the opinions of others? It's rude and offensive conjecture on your part. It
> serves no purpose other than to give yourself another shot-in-the-arm. It's
> nothing more than manufacturing a form of psychological self-assurance that
> your own opinion must be right, because you now predict that others will
> soon come around to the same opinion of yours as well.
> Really???
> Who knows what opinions Jed may feel more comfortable broadcasting to the
> Vort Collective tomorrow. Shoot! I have no idea what my own opinions might
> turn out to be tomorrow either. It's a full-time job managing my own
> opinions. They change all the time!
> Rich, please PLEASE! ...just be responsible expressing your own opinions,
> and let others manage the responsibilities of their own.
> Regards,
> Steven Vincent Johnson
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