To be fair to both sides, I do note Zawodny has not seen a Rossi reactor and is a competitor. So his statements do nothing to dampen Rossi's claims. Like all scientists, he is saying it needs more money to be thrown at it / him.

Of course it does. Rossi is at the Model T stage. Just starting to make the world's first mass produced FPE device.

When a billion or so has been spent on further research, we will see FPE devices in everything that uses any form of power. The devices will directly generate electricity or heat or both depending on what you need.

Transmutation of elements via the FPE may replace mining.


On 1/16/2012 11:54 AM, Mary Yugo wrote:
Read Zawodny's recent statement as cited by Aussie Guy. That's pretty much my view. He makes a lot of sense the second time around.

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