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> I was also thinking about building native driver for mlx using their
> libraries and skip overhead of PMD, that might be interesting project…

That would be cool :-).

We just did this for Snabb. Our driver is ~ 1500 lines of Lua and it runs
completely stand alone i.e. replaces Linux mlx5 driver + OFED library +
DPDK PMD. I see this as making our lives much simpler from a support and
distribution perspective.

The one driver works for all ConnectX-4 / ConnectX-4 Lx / ConnectX-5 NICs
because Mellanox implement the device side in firmware and keep it uniform
between cards (thanks!)

If you decide to take this route I would be happy to answer any questions
about our experience. Our code is here:

and we have used 100% public reference materials for the development
(citation in the source file.)


P.S. I am also happy to have a separate driver because I am not entirely
convinced about some optimizations that Mellanox/DPDK are making in their
software, see http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2016-September/046705.html.
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