> Hi John T, (every time I write that, I think of John Wayne in "Rio

   Hmm, it's been a while since I've watched the Duke in Rio Bravo, please

> Does the topic "War" include "private" wars ... like sports wars? People
> mindlessly killing other people over something so petty and unimportant
as a
> "game" ... witness the manslaughter incident of one father killing
> father because of violence on their kids playing field ... makes a lot of
> sense, doesn't it?

   I don't think that the concept of 'sports wars' would fit on this list
but the concept of the Politics behind the violence at international
sporting events would most definitely be appropriate.  Things such as the
riots following the international soccer/football matches in Europe... and
how they were handled by local police and the views aired on international
news programs... the effects and causes leading up to the rivalries and
their roots in nationalism...

> If supposedly sane people (and I'm starting to think that insanity might
> be a prerequisite of watching sports) can't even manage to control
> over a sport that means nothing and by this time next year will matter to
> one ... how can they ever be expected to control themselves over things
> do matter -- the stuff that wars are fought over -- and learn to live in
> peace with one another?

    Sanity left the human race when we learned how to make bigger and
better weapons.... let's say tens of thousands of years ago... I'd be
willing to bet that to any aliens observing this weird planet of ours it
would appear that for us intelligence is a disease with the side effects of
insanity!   With any luck, those few sane individuals who happen to be
immune to the disease will be able to eventually lead the rest of the
planet into sanity and maturation :)

John T

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