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>  > They ought to make it a rule that
>  >  the only way you can kill someone in a war is if you can look into 
>  >  their eyes first. 

>  Ah, yes. The bayonet charge. You not only get to look in his eyes you get 
>  hear his blood gurgling out. Axes can be put to good use as well.

Why has nobody ever heard of the "Lopez Wars" c 1860, South America? Almost 
within living memory...  A war fought with musket, bayonet and machete that 
wiped out 92% of the population of the losing side. The Old Testament too is 
full of "take no prisoners" battles.
The idea that "look into the other guy's eyes before you kill him" makes wars 
less bloody makes for good theory... not for good fact. 
Rwanda was a good "war"?


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