> I know it started long before him, but that dentist who invented the
> Gattling gun should be horse whipped ... if the horror of war is removed
> there's no reason to stop fighting. They ought to make it a rule that
> the only way you can kill someone in a war is if you can look into
> their eyes first.

    How about making those "West Pointers" really use those swords? :)

    Have a ritual combat to decide the issues? Satisfy the 'bloodlust'
while at the same time reducing the incidental loss of life to civilian
bystanders :)

    In the wars of today, there is no 'clear' victor... that's one of the
reasons for the continuation of old grudges, the "leaders" don't get into
it and both sides can claim victory since neither side inflicts significant
damage on the "leaders" abilities to function...

   Why not make it a requirement for any future wars that they exile the
leadership of the loser's side of the wars?  A little island where no one
would know to look for them? and where they couldn't cause any more trouble

John T

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