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(TH)The Florida Supreme Court violated that by arbitrarily changing the law 
and setting new standards... in essence, stealing the power that belongs to 
the Florida Legislature.

Have you never heard of contesting an election? Recall, prior to 
certification, that the Bush team was saying that Gore should not block the 
certification, because from there he could contest? Now, the argument is 
that the election has been certified and nothing can be done. Tremendous. 
There are statutes for hand recounts, and there are methods for contesting 

(TH)"...the Electors shall be chosen by the State Legislatures" not the 

The courts aren't selecting the electors. They are merely directing the 
county canvassing boards to count votes. Vast difference.

(TH)BTW, a poll shows that ~60% of Americans want the counting to stop and 
the Florida State Legislature to just select a bank of Electors.

Remember the exit polls that put Gore ahead? If we are going to make 
decisions based on polls....

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