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(TH)Yes, but the FL SC is not following the statutes.  It arbitrarily set 
its own standards.

That is simply not so clear as you are trying to suggest. There are statutes 
for hand recounts in Florida. If you had read the brief, the FSC was at 
pains to couch its decisions in Florida Law. Be honest and admit rather that 
your argument is that you disagree with their interpretation.

(TH)OK.  Well then, why do *you* think the U.S. Supreme Court intervened?

Standard law. The theory behind an injunction is that, in occurring, an 
event gains legitimacy, if not legality. The Supreme Court assumes that 
there is as good a chance that Bush will prevail as not, and made the 
decision based on that. However, an injunction is not a ruling, not an 
opinion on the law.

(TH)Well, don't you support Democracy?  What's more Democratic than a poll?

Then Gore should be President-elect, and everything done to block that is 
counter to democratic principles.

(TH)Anyway, I was merely pointing out what the current opinions are.  I 
don't believe in Democracy.  I think we should follow the Law.

And I have greater faith in the Florida jurists and the Supreme Court 
jurists to interpret the law than I have in your abilities to do the same. 
If you think we should follow the law, you have to accept who the arbiters 
of the law are in this country - that's the law, too, you know. Marbury vs. 
Madison, baby.

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