Gerard Krol schreef:
> zz zz wrote:
>>> Sorry I don't know about this, I hope Watermelon is reading this.
>>> As a long term goal we should consider converting txt files into a
>>> more user friendly format, this could also bring more people into
>>> modding. Since some lines consist of more than 20 entries of
>>> different types having tags or some other value descriptors will be
>>> helpfull (especially for files like structures.txt or weapons.txt).
>>> Naturally 'xml' comes to my mind.
>>> Troman
>> the last value of that super long scanf cant be a string,or the
>> entire line of pDataBuffer is screwed...(the last value of all .txt
>> in stats is an int value iirc)
>> I agree that the format should be changed to be more user
>> friendly,that 30 values or so per line delimited by ',' is very hard
>> to read and it's impossible to tell which value is for what without
>> looking at the stats.c.
>> reply to other emails all in one because of my laziness:
>> lua is probably too slow for data ,it's optimal for network info
>> generation/configuration.
>> xml should be ok as long as you dont read them in 'run-time'.
>> sql I really dislike using sql on anything other than web
>> stuff:slow,inflexible,too l33t to modify etc =)
>> probably the best solution is plain text with some 'describers' like
>> '[name]','[damage]' etc.
> I vote for XML. It is really easy to get a good parser from somewhere,
> and writing your own "language" always turns out to be far more work
> than you expected.
I go with you there on the XML. We should however use the XML for
storage only, thus meaning to load the data all at once at mapload and
then keep it in memory. The SQL thingy I admit probably isn't and wasn't
as good an idea as I initially thought it might be, although it probably
is superior in speed to most other formats, that speed really isn't
required/used during gameplay.

As for using plain text with column-describers I vote no. This because
it simply can't compete with XML on readability and foolproofness
(leaving one value out in XML is no problem, doing that in plain text
however causes a column to disappear effectively invalidating all
following values).

Furthermore I don't think loading speed should be a problem at all, so
that should not play a role in selecting a format. (Since all data
should be loaded into memory and kept there).


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