Lua is a good choice.
Lua's compiler is really light weight and fast. (With some additional
patches faster)
The second point is, that we can redistribute the 'Raw-cripts' which
gets compiled
at the client. This Pre-Compiled scripts can be stored again and this
speeds up loading next time.

However, a good caching concept should be speedup many things and the
amount of needed
space for that, isn't very important. (250 Gb HDD's etc...) This
additional ~20 MB for Pre-Cached things
in a binary format should everyone have :)

And this wouldn't have any disadvantages, because we ship all the
raw-data too.

Mhm, thats all for now, i thought over optimizing wz2100 a lot, but i'll
post my ideas later.


Regards, Kamaze

Christian Vest Hansen schrieb:
> I really doubt that an sqlite db would gain anything in perfomance as
> compared to XML files. Both will have in-memory data structures but
> with sqlite you'll have the overhead of an SQL parser, optimizer, ACID
> transactions and basicly a lot of stuff that I don't think is needed.
> XML is a "nice", as in suit-and-tie, solution. But it could also turn
> out to be overkill and too expensive in memory and dependencies when
> compared to the gain.
> I don't claim to be an expert, but I think we can do with something
> simpler... like JSON or Lua (Lua is simple, right?). JSON is naturally
> tree-like, or object oriented, and simple enough so the parsers should
> be quite fast and light-weight. And Lua has a natural notion for
> tables, as Per say? Sounds useful.
> Cheers,
> Christian Vest Hansen

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