On 1/24/07, The Watermelon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 4.Fixed a bug which prevents the droids from removing 'died' targets for
> > auxiliary weapons.


> > 7.Changed vectorToAngle in move.c a bit to improve its efficiency('+=
> > 360/4' is weird and 'somevalue/180/2' is pointless too imo...)

It is not pointless, it is for readability, and the compiler will do
these divisions when optimizing anyway, so I strongly doubt it will be
more efficient. However, I thought your version was more readable -
not sure what everyone else thinks about that.

separated 4,5,7,8 from the 500KB patch,6 is not a bugfix and it involved
many files,so I didnt separate it from the big one.

Thanks. Please separate them into separate files for each fix next
time. It is easier (and less chance of bugs) for you to do it than us.

I will try to get around to the other pieces later, unless someone
else pick them up first.

 - Per

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