Kamaze schreef:
> Dennis Schridde schrieb:
>> I would like to release 2.1 beta4 as soon as possible.
>> bug #11861 [1] (Release 2.1 beta4) has been updated accordingly.
>> The only real issue which absolutely needs to be fixed or worked around for 
>> the release is bug #11847 [2] (Playlist code causes segfaults).
>> I would like to focus all available manpower on that.
>> I tried digging into that bug myself, but it seems a bit complicated and 
>> nasty.
>> [1] https://gna.org/bugs/?11861
>> [2] https://gna.org/bugs/?11847
> Ping?

Bug #11847 has been reduced to PhysicsFS 1.1 being bugged.

Are there any other issues that need to be resolved before releasing
beta4? Ticket 17 [1] contains some revisions that'll need backporting
before we release 2.1 itself (possibly the beta as well).

If nothing else then I suggest we go ahead and start the "release
procedure" for beta4.

NOTE: I've created a Trac ticket for this purpose mostly because
referring to the revisions (log message and diff) is easier there.

[1] http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/17


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