2017-08-02 14:43 GMT+02:00 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbi...@profusion.mobi>:

>> You are not going to get WebKit working with OpenGLES 1.1 unless you have an 
>> experienced engineer making large modifications to the source code. Instead, 
>> you should just turn off OpenGL/OpenGLES support. Just build with 
>> -DENABLE_OPENGL=OFF. It is optional, you just lose hardware acceleration. 
>> You should hopefully have no trouble with this.
>> If you have a requirement to use OpenGLES regardless, then you may need to 
>> reevaluate the feasibility of your project.
> Indeed... we did such port for a customer based on WebKit-EFL (now
> out-of-tree) and it worked, but was a major pain to get there due
> CoordinatedGraphics and TextureMapper being heavy on GL calls...
> however in our case it was software rendering only, no GL at all.

The Haiku port also uses no OpenGL. I have versions of
CoordinatedGraphics and TextureMapper extracted from old verisons of
WebKit which I maintain with the port (TextureMapperImageBuffer is the
entry point for that):

The commit which restores this may serve as a reference (but may not
apply directly to current sources):

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