That said, I would expect specifically the Tools/TestWebKitAPI/Tests 
subdirectory to be the thing moved to APITests/, since the code that actually 
runs the tests is as much a “tool” as DRT, WKTR, or various other test-running 
scripts under Tools/Scripts are.


From: Ryosuke Niwa <>
Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 1:44 PM
To: "Kirsling, Ross" <>
Cc: Michael Catanzaro <>, WebKit Development 
Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] Tools/TestWebKitAPI

Moving it to top-level APITests directory sounds good to me although I'm not 
volunteering to fix any Xcode or Apple internal build related issues.

- R. Niwa

On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 1:07 PM 
<<>> wrote:
APITests/ would seem like an improvement to me...although given that this would 
be the seventh *Tests/ directly, it also makes me wonder if those should all be 
moved under a top-level Tests/ directory? __

(Either way, I'd be happy to help with Xcode rearranging if needed, at least to 
the point of pleasing the external builds.)


On 2/5/19, 12:13 PM, "webkit-dev on behalf of Michael Catanzaro" 
 on behalf of<>> wrote:


    I started writing this mail to propose creating a separate ChangeLog
    for Tools/TestWebKitAPI, to make the Tools/ ChangeLog more focused on,
    you know, actual tools. So many of my changes under Tools/ are to the
    API tests.

    But this reminded me that TestWebKitAPI is the only testsuite we have
    under Tools/. All the rest are toplevel directories:


    So it almost doesn't fit under Tools/ at all, right? Would there be any
    objections to moving it to a toplevel WebKitAPITests/ or just APITests/
    directory? That would nicely parallel all our other tests.

    (The practical objection is that moving anything is difficult for
    someone without familiarity with both XCode and CMake. I'd only be able
    to help with the CMake portion of the move. And then Apple internal
    build will inevitably break too, so someone would need to volunteer to
    care for that.)

    If we don't want to move it, I guess a new ChangeLog file would be
    fine? :)


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