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> On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 4:01 PM, ross.kirsl...@sony.com wrote:
> > That said, I would expect specifically the Tools/TestWebKitAPI/Tests
> > subdirectory to be the thing moved to APITests/, since the code that
> > actually runs the tests is as much a “tool” as DRT, WKTR, or
> > various other test-running scripts under
> >  Tools/Scripts are.
> I dunno, we could do it either way, but there's value in keeping
> related code together. E.g. our tests subclass lots of TestWebKitAPI
> classes, so we'd have code in APITests/ subclassing stuff under
> Tools/TestWebKitAPI/. It's much more tightly-coupled than, say, the
> layout tests are to TestController/WKTR, which communicates with layout
> tests over well-defined interfaces. In contrast, our API tests really
> depend on implementation details of TestWebKitAPI and they often have
> to be changed in tandem.

Yeah, I'd prefer keeping all the related code for TestWebKitAPI in one
We have build scripts in Source too so there is a precedence for this.

We can probably push the harness code into APITests/harness or something.

- R. Niwa
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