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> On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 4:17 am, Konstantin Tokarev <annu...@yandex.ru> 
> wrote:
> > BTW, could you estimate how many of users which have provided
> > meaningful bug reports were directed to bugs.webkit.org but never 
> > made it?
> A lot. I'd say maybe about half make it upstream. That's OK. We don't 
> have time to fix everything, after all, and it doesn't make sense to 
> focus on bug reports where we cannot easily interact with the reporter.

I think there is some bias here to say that “a lot have not gone into
Bugzilla” because people who may complain about Bugzilla are of course more
vocal than those who went ahead, made an account (or already had one), and
filed a bug.

Also, the “a lot” above is definitely overestimated, because you do not seem
to be taking into account that among the people who cannot be bothered to file
a bug report in Bugzilla, many would not file it in GitHub either (nor GitLab,
nor anything else).

Good software gets its job done and is mostly invisible and boring: you use
it, but don't think twice about it, nor there is any need to write about it.
Bugzilla is among the kind of software that is good at what it does without
getting in the way, so of course it does not have hype. It's only when one
starts to seriously think about the allegedly “shiny” alternatives that all
the small annoyances start becoming evident (the list shared by Konstantin is
a perfect example).


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