On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 4:27:47 PM UTC-4, Tim Phillips wrote:
> Attached the new (longer) log that's been going all day. I took a glance 
> at it and saw a few things that kept popping up and look out of the 
> ordinary:
> 1) "Oct 15 12:46:38 raspberrypi rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' 
> suspended, next retry is Sat Oct 15 12:48:08 2016 [try 
> http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2007 ]"

this is a bug (or misbehavior - depends who you ask) in debian on rpi if 
there is no /dev/xconsole



> 2) "Oct 15 13:03:28 raspberrypi weewx[3225]: acurite: R1: ignoring stale 
> data (rssi indicates no communication from sensors): 01 ee 46 71 02 19 02 
> 2b 00 00"
>     - Possibly the weather sensor outside is having some 
> transmission/signal issues? Screen says signal is good, so I have no reason 
> to believe it's too far away for a strong signal. 

the second to last byte contains a measure of the signal strength.  it can 
be 0-3, inclusive.  a value of 0 means no contact with the sensors.

the acurite console reports the last known data for the sensors, even if it 
no longer has contact with the sensors.

weewx reports values only if there is contact with the sensors.

btw, it is not clear exactly what the "signal strength" indicator on the 
console is reporting.  george nincehelser reports that it is a measure of 
the number of dropped rf packets, not a measure of actual rf signal 
strength.  since acurite publishes nothing about their hardware, no one 
knows for certain.

anyway, it is not unusual to get 'ignoring stale data' messages.  a few 
each day is no big deal.  but if you get them every few minutes you've got 
interference problems.


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