"Jens Rösner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Well, I am by no means an expert, but I think that wget closes the
> connection after the first retrieval. The SSL server realizes this
> and decides that wget has no right to log in for the second
> retrieval, eventhough the cookie is there.  I think that is a
> correct behaviour for a secure server, isn't it?

Why would it be correct?  Persistent connections are a mere
optimization; a new connection should work as well as the old one, as
long as the credentials (usually provided by a cookie) are provided.

There are security mechanisms that authorize on a per-connection
basis, and they require new log in for each new connections (I believe
NTLM is like this), but this should not be the case here.

Even if it were the case, you could tell Wget to use the same
connection, like this:

    wget http://URL1... http://URL2...

In that case you shouldn't even have to bother with `--save-cookies'
and `--load-cookies'.  But maybe something else is going wrong for
Suhas; I really don't know.

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