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Can't wicket use the approach followed by SUN which is never to change
an interface in a downward incompatible way but instead to add new APIs
and make old ones deprecated or extend them? I believe SUN would have
been completely out of business by now if they would have changed
fundamental Java APIs.

Oh, please no!  At some point, wicket may mature to the point where the API is stable enough for such a thing.  It is still very new however, and the maintainers are constantly finding newer better ways to make wicket usable.  There are so many things in the Java API that a) needs to be refactored, but can't and b) has been depreciated for years now and never removed.  I really don't want to use a framework with that same kind of baggage.

I think that they are doing their best by trying to keep the 1.2 branch as API stable as possible and only changing the api in trunk (2.0 branch).  This makes sense as older mission critical projects that where written using wicket 1.x can continue to get updates.  Hopefully, by the time you go production with your 2.0 code, 2.0's API will have been branched and stabilized and we'll be looking at 3.0 for bleeding edge.  :-)
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