Hi all,
I found this current post on Howard's blog. I quote it here:
"Wicket has a nice community and a few nice ideas, but it does not compare to what I have planned for Tapestry 5. I believe Java is going to thrive at the high end and performance is going to be one of the differentiators from Ruby on Rails. In addition, the Wicket model can't address the kind of short-cycle development issues that will be part of Tapestry 5. I think Wicket is fairly broken in that it stores the component model inside the HttpSession. This has been a critical flaw for JSF as well, where they've realized that they don't have a proper approach to handling true scalability. Wicket is a neater, cleaner version of Tapestry 1.0 or maybe 2.0. I've said in the past that I found it quite unambitious for starting from scratch. I'm now working on Tapestry 5 which is quite ambitious."
Either this man is jealous of the success and popularity of Wicket or he might have forgotten to take his pills before hitting his fingers on his keyboard. Go remind him to do so the next time at:
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