my thought is: with EJB3 and hibernate (and both together if you want) - why
do we need more ?



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> Hi All,
> I was one of the early users of Wicket before 1.0. I did a 
> lot of work to use Wicket with my JDO implementation JDOMax 
> (no longer supported). In the process I learned a lot about 
> why it is harder than it has to be to use many ORM frameworks 
> with Wicket and Tapestry.
> I'm a member of JSR 243 Java Data Objects Experts Group, and 
> I advocated hard within that spec for the "fixing" of the JDO 
> spec with regard to non-transaction-write behavior, along 
> with Eric Samson and others. The JDO group  was receptive, 
> having gotten similar feedback from Howard Lewis Ship of 
> Tapestry. I believe this change will benefit Wicket users, 
> and make it much easier to use JDO 2.0 than JDO 1.1, from Wicket.
> However, I still wasn't satisfied that it was "easy"
> to do ORM from Wicket or Tapestry. So I started a new 
> project, based on what I learned -- it's a better way to do 
> ORM -- I call it Shades. Following the wicket style,Shades 
> works without any XML configuration.
> Rather than make this any longer-winded, I thought I would 
> just begin passing back some code, showing the Library sample 
> application using Shades. The attached zipfile is just the 
> "library" folder from the wicket sample applications. 
> EditBook.java and LibrarySession.java have been altered to 
> use Shades for database access. LibraryORMDictionary.java is 
> the only new file required.
> Please let me know what you think. Also, I do not have a 
> website for Shades yet but I hope to find the right venue for 
> open sourcing the code soon. (see attached zip file 
> 'library.zippo' with library-example directory)

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