In addition to a few bug fixes this version contains following
improvements and new features.

- Improved preview

Preview pane is now wicket:preview attribute aware. There's no limit how
deep the previewed hierarchies can be. Preview pane can also inline
non-packaged CSS and relocate images. A common way for instance is to
keep some files in src/webapp/css/ and src/webapp/images/. The context
root and css files can be configured for the plugin from Properties ->
Wicket. If configured, the preview pane will include them. WicketEditor
adds toggle buttons to toolbar to enable/disable these features.

- Improved Selenium support

Selenium integration contains 5 new methods to make it easier to do more
robust assertions:
Component getComponent(); 
Component getComponent(String path); 
ListItem getComponent(ListView list, int index);
Component getComponent(ListView list, int index, String pathInItem);
String id(String path);

    public void testSearchResults() {
        getSelenium().type("query", "wicket");
        ListView listView = (ListView) getComponent("result:listing");
        // Assert that model contains correct values.
        List<?> results = listView.getList();
        assertEquals(Arrays.asList("wicket", "rocks"), results);
        // Assert that HTML contains correct elements
        for (Iterator<Component> i = listView.iterator(); i.hasNext(); )


- Simple Form generator

A form Java code can be generated from provided Html markup file. Select
a form markup from Html file, right click and select 'Generate Wicket
form code'. This will open a popup containing a sample implementation of
the form. This can be copy-pasted to a destination Java file and
finished there.



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