I was test all 4 tribes with hardcore start positions on Last Survivors 
map which highlit a few AI problems, in tweaking things I have got it to 
the point where often 2 tribes can reach the basic economy stage in 
about 2 hours. One of the problems thrown up by all tribes was quarries 
are a big problem on this map and even with a start position with rocks 
nearby the quarry is built at a random place and often misses the 
stones. It is quite common for three quarries to be built before the 
stones are found and on positions with no stones the will build on 
dismantle and rebuild on the same spot.

It seems woodcutters are also placed without regard for trees in their 
work area but this random chice is somewhat covered by placing a 
forester so the woodcutter does eventually produce.

Is the basic economy set flag used for anything by the AI? It seems to 
trigger iron, gold and coal mines only which causes a problem with 
hardcore starts as the AI is usually blocked trying to build training 
sites before reaching a basic economy. Is the basic economy set flag 
available to lua scripts? This would improve hardcore starts, also can a 
lua script test if a players in human or AI, then I can improve AI on 
hardcore while maintaining the difficuly for the human.

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