As far as I know and as I have seen in my testrounds the AI normally is 
starting to build other buildings only after Basic_economy is achieved. However 
if basic_economy can't be achieved in a reasonable time it starts to build the 
buildings that are not basic after a certain time.

Generally spoken I still can't see the rational behind limiting the AI with 
hardcore start conditions. It will not increase the performance of the AI in a 
normal game neither will this be a more difficulot task for the player as the 
AI will never be that clever to manage such critical economic problems like a 
human player would do. 

My comments were only targeted to prevent critical deadlocks in the AI.
So I agree with Tibor that some problems are more evident with the frisians 
than with other tribes. 

For the problem with regard to the upgraded and (partly) unoccupied buildings 
it might be sufficient to check before upgrading that there is basic building 
unoccupied or under construction and to prevent this building before the 
upgrade is finished.
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