Review: Approve playtest

Good morning,

my AI fixes are up now. So from terms of playtesting and AI behaviour the 
frisians are good to go from my side. 
Still to do:
- finish of code review from Gun_Chleoc (or any other reviewer more experienced 
than me)
- textreview by a reviewer with more sophisticated Language skills than me)
However especially the latter can be postponed to collect the comments from 
transifex once the tribe has reached trunk.

Balancing could be done later as well. I don't agree with RM there are only 
minor tweaks necessary cause on my testing on full moon the frisians were 
significantly slower and later in developing military power thna the empire or 
the barbarians. However they were slightly better than the Atlanteans. But I 
need to check whether there is a bug in AI playing Atlanteans perhaps. 

@ RM can you provide a replay of the game where you saw frisians beat 
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