> > What is the reason for not triggering the rations objective while the gahter
> materials objective is not done yet?
> I changed the objective because it was said some time ago that a definite
> objective might be preferred here instead of having nothing. Plus, the player
> will be glad he has stockpiled these materials when he is told to build many
> buildings later.
> From the player´s point of view, I dislike getting a clear objective like
> "gather 30 granite" and then it is considered complete before I actually did
> what was required because the story progresses. This should only happen in
> corner cases, but not on purpose. And if this objective remains until done, it
> will be pointless, as it is not relevant for anything.

my question was not menat in this way what I would have suggested is to have 
the gather materials objective running and if the player runs out of rations 
the rations objective is triggered as well instead of providing rations to the 
player. So there are now 2 parallel objectives to be fulfilled. 
And I don't think it isn't relevant for anything as the materials are needed in 
the game anyway. I just prevents some bottlenecks in the economy. But if you 
want to have more meaning in it you could continue the story only if both of 
the objectives are fulfilled. Don't get me wrong this is not essential it is 
more the less a cherry on the cake, but I just don't like giving the player 
something without a good reason.
sometime ago I had a discussion with GunChleoc while developing my scenarios 
for the empire tribe and we both agreed that a less linear storyline is more 
interesting for the player. so this is just a chance to have multiple 
objectives with the player to decide which one to solve first. 

@ GunChleoc and all the other devs:
What is the current opinion about merging this branch? I would still give it a 
go as the texts are now profread by our chieftain.
Your team Widelands Developers is subscribed to branch 

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