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--- Comment #34 from Tisza Gergő <> ---
There is a special case which is broken by this bug, would be fixed by the
solution proposed by comment 17, but can be fixed with a smaller change as
well, and it would be nice if it got fixed soon (which doesn't seem likely for
the general case).

There are certain messages whose default English text is exactly '-' and they
are never translated in the i18n files (they are only present in the English
version). MessageCache::get() used to have special handling for these: if there
was no translation for the current language, it preferred the English DB
translation to the CDB. Current behavior is that CDB takes precedence if there
is no DB translation in the current language.

These messages are often used as configuration, e. g. MediaWiki:Licenses lists
the licenses which are permitted for uploading. As such, they are mostly
language-independent; when '-' overrides the English version, things break.

Until there is a proper fix for the lookup order, what do you think about
restoring the special behavior? That is, if the CDB lookup was successful and
the text is exactly '-', treat it as unsuccessful and continue to walk the
fallback chain (the original behavior was to use directly the English DB
message, but that seems inferior).

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