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So basically, we can't trust our admins/stewards. But it's fine because this
vapourware we've already been waiting on for years will solve all our problems
anyway? Interesting.

And it's not like admins can't take down the servers pretty easily from a
single project already.

That said, by all means, add a thing to disable the global project-wide css/js.
I don't buy your arguments against having such global css/js, but that doesn't
mean there's even a good use case here for it in the first place, and the same
could probably be said of a lot of third-party projects, so having that option
to just turn it off might be useful to them too. 
Of course they could also just... well, not use that part of it. Plenty of
projects don't even use the site css/js, but it's still there in case there
does wind up a need for it.

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