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(In reply to MZMcBride from comment #11)

> Nemo, Guillaume, Lego, et al.: thoughts on what's needed in terms of
> communicating this change and giving users time to prepare? As I see it,
> it's really just a matter of coordinating with the Meta-Wiki community.

We need some kind of tool to delete existing common.js pages that users have
created with Pathoschild/Hoo/Tanvir's scripts to load global.js manually.

(In reply to Dan Garry from comment #12)
> Can someone confirm whether this extension also creates MediaWiki:Common.js
> and MediaWiki:Common.css pages that are global and affect all users on all
> wikis?

It currently creates a MediaWiki:Global.js/css on the central wiki (Meta),
which would affect users on all wikis where the extension is installed (all
CentralAuth wikis minus loginwiki).

Krinkle has said
(<,cm>) that
we should add a configuration option to control this feature, which I agree
with. He also said that it should probably be disabled on WMF wikis, which I
disagree with. ;)

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