--- Comment #15 from MZMcBride <> ---
(In reply to Kunal Mehta (Legoktm) from comment #14)
> We need some kind of tool to delete existing common.js pages that users have
> created with Pathoschild/Hoo/Tanvir's scripts to load global.js manually.

As far as I'm concerned, users who have done this to their own accounts are on
their own. I don't believe there's any reasonable obligation to fix this for
these users, though we can certainly provide forewarning.

> Krinkle has said
> (<,cm>)
> that we should add a configuration option to control this feature, which I
> agree with. He also said that it should probably be disabled on WMF wikis,
> which I disagree with. ;)

I disagree with adding a configuration variable unless there's a compelling
use-case. If you install the GlobalCssJs extension on your wikifarm, I think
it's natural to then have ... global CSS and JS. If Wikimedia wikis aren't
going to use this option, I'm not sure who ever would. Until there's a
reasonable use-case for including a feature flag, I'd leave it out.

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