On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 1:40 AM, Andrew Gray <andrew.g...@dunelm.org.uk> wrote:
> It's the same in 2014. If you visit the site from the UK while not
> logged in, you get encouraged to "View Wikidata in British English"
> through the internationalisation header, despite the fact that this
> will make it less usable, less comprehensible, and generally less
> informative. There's no indication that this will screw things up, and
> no obvious way for an inexpert user to figure out how to fix it (by
> switching back to en-default)
> If fallback languages aren't going to be available soon, then we
> really need to think - at the very least - about disabling this
> message.

Yes I think that makes sense. Does anyone know details about that? As
in: how to turn it off?


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