Indeed, a long time. Discussed on Mediawiki and bugzilla; it's not even
discussed on Wikitech-L.  Neither of which 99.99999% of users, including
many volunteer developers, have time to follow.  This is not just a
technical change, it's a cultural one.

I've long stood up for the Engineering Department when it is making changes
that have only minor effects on the public face of the project; I know that
sometimes users can be hyperactive about minor points.  But this isn't a
minor point.  I'd compare it to Vector - something that there was longterm,
active communication about throughout its development cycle, with lots of
outreach to volunteer developers and to the community, and opportunities to
test things out.

I can't stand up for them this time, though. It's not even discussed well
on Mediawiki, and is mostly in passing on the Roadmap.[1]  And the few
community-based questions that have come up, specifically on Erik's meta
userpage, have not been given the courtesy of a reply.



On 1 June 2012 19:35, David Gerard <> wrote:

> On 2 June 2012 00:08, Risker <> wrote:
> Fully enabling IPv6 has been coming a *long* time - over a year, with
> months of planning and work before even that - as Erik's first message
> in this thread notes, and it was hardly a secret. Your objections may
> be entirely too late - it is vanishingly unlikely that two years'
> effort will suddenly be thrown away. Were you literally unaware until
> now that this was in the works?
> - d.
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