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> On 02/06/12 05:04, Hersfold wrote:
>> I'm very concerned that this is what's going to happen with the IPv6
>> change - something major is going to fail, and the wiki will become
>> inaccessible, or some major security feature (blocking or protection,
>> for example) will be rendered inoperable, leaving the wikis vulnerable
>> to attack from all fronts. The latter situation seems to be more
>> likely based on past issues, and unfortunately more problematic; once
>> these issues get noted, it'll take only minutes for /b/, GNAA, and a
>> long list of other vandals to figure it out and launch a full-scale
>> attack that'll take weeks to clean up.
> We could just allow blocking of arbitrarily large IPv6 ranges. Then if
> there is some emergency, you can just block everyone who is using IPv6
> from editing. The collateral damage would be smaller than the IPv4 /16
> blocks which admins apply routinely.
> -- Tim Starling

Routinely is a little strong.  Admins should be taking due care regarding 
collateral damage for /16s...

But, it is done.

George William Herbert
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