Dear Jan-Bart,
Unfortunately the exact wordings was "I'll point out also that there are zero 
real-world implications for the survey results".

Because we all agree that there is now such thing like a zero real-world impact 
survey, we really hope that the raw results of this survey will be made as 
public as possible (privacy issue), and that in the future , survey including 
question about WMF partners (chapters are not the only ones) will be done since 
the very beginning in collaboration with all the partners involved.



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Le 12 sept. 2012 à 16:14, Jan-Bart de Vreede <> a écrit :

> Hey
> So I might have missed some mails on this thread (perhaps because they were 
> not posted on this public list) but I highly doubt that Sue perform surveys 
> that do not have a real-world impact on our operations. I know that the 
> results of the previous surveys were used in several discussions (including 
> at a board level) in order to provide more insight….
> On the other hand, using these surveys to gain more insight is not the same 
> as using them to "hold each other accountable" which is sometimes easy to do. 
> Every survey (and questions) has a lots of interpretation magic which can 
> easily lead you astray, but I don't have to tell you (the community) this :)
> Jan-Bart
> On 10 Sep 2012, at 23:01, Delphine Ménard <> wrote:
>> Contrarily to Sue, I do
>> think that these surveys (should) have a real-world impact and
>> (should) keep us all on our toes, fine tuned to the critisicism, needs
>> and wishes of the editors of the WIkimedia projects. As such I expect
>> us to make sure that we do get as precise a picture as possible of
>> what those are.
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