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> Because we all agree that there is now such thing like a zero real-world
> impact survey, we really hope that the raw results of this survey will be
> made as public as possible (privacy issue), and that in the future , survey
> including question about WMF partners (chapters are not the only ones) will
> be done since the very beginning in collaboration with all the partners
> involved.

Yes.  What would be better ways to improve communication and collaboration?
 There were a couple of months of very gradual feedback before a recent
surge of interest close to the planned launch date.  The suggestions for
making these surveys regular, perhaps quarterly, would allow for continuous

And some parallel surveys prepared by different statisticians/analysts
might be useful as well.  There are economies of scale in consolidating
into a single survey, but there are also systemic biases that are hard to
avoid if there is *only* a single survey.  A few large surveys, judiciously
broadcast [not everyone has to see every survey announcement] might address
both issues.

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