On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:30 PM, rupert THURNER

> pheobe, concerning your motion to vote saying:
>    "wikimedia foundation grows, the affiliated organisations do not grow"
>    "the affiliated organisations are recommended to seek other funding
> (which the foundation did try and did not succeed very well)"
> i am disappointed personally by you. you as a person, you as an american,
> and you as a board member of the foundation. especially about your
> inability to grasp international cultural differences in terms of funding,
> fundraising.
I'm totally flummoxed by why you're disappointed given that I can't
actually find the quote you're attributing to Phoebe in either the minutes
or the FAQ, but you might want to try being less hyperbolic.

> because "trust" is mentioned: the FAQ and the minutes are written by a
> lawyer now, who has maximum 300 wikipedia edits as his lifetime
> achievement.  and for sure, the decision making process is also impressive
> nowadays: first somebody decides, then it is consulted with a couple of
> people (affcom, FDC), and the feedback is used only use it to phrase the
> FAQ about the decision. sometimes i think you people are from outer space
> ;)
Have you seen the detailed, word-for-word minutes from the meeting? If not,
exactly how do you come to this evaluation of how the board reached this
particular decision? I note that Phoebe came to the board at one point
*as*a representative of the chapters - entities in the wider movement
who are
directly affected by this change. If you're suggesting that the POV of the
wider movement didn't come into the decision, I'm disappointed in /you/ as
an applier of Occam's razor; I consider it exceedingly improbable that
Phoebe, of all people, would've relied on feedback "only...to phrase the

Calm down and discuss it like a reasonable person...and, perhaps, try to
avoid personal attacks, even with a wink at the end. People who base their
pronoun display on the conventions in a made-up language probably shouldn't
throw 'you people are from outer space' stones ;p.
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