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> On 27 February 2014 22:03, Galileo Vidoni <gali...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> And we remain convinced that there is space for a way more prudent
>> implementation of URAA that prevents deleting educational resources until
>> there is complete copyright information and no legal alternative, which to
>> our understanding (and to our interpretation of WMF's communications) can
>> mean waiting for DMCA takedown notices.

> We could do that but it pretty much removes commons only advantage over say
> imgur or flickr. We want the images on commons to be free. Not simply stuff
> no one has got around to complaining about yet,

This supports what I noted: Commons increasingly just can't be relied
upon as a repository for the other Wikimedia projects.

This implies no bad faith or bad actions on the part of the Commons
community. (But that that's a distinct thing from the Wikimedia
community is a lot of the problem.) Nor that what Commons *is* is
inherently problematic; but what it is is less and less useful inside

- d.

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