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> Which led to the thought that hey, what we really need is a meta-project
> for hosting images that is *explicitly* intended to serve the other
> projects. We tried this before, right? But maybe this time we make the
> meta-project a technical implementation without its own community, where
> local uploads can be toggled to make files globally available without
> giving some global intermediary the right to turn that toggle off.

I can see every file that is uploaded to any project being available
via some global namespace.   Commons as we currently imagine it could
become the core set of "maximally free" images: those "freely reusable
in every jurisdiction".

And there would be a separate threshhold for the rest of the images.
"Covered by at least one project's Exemption Doctrine and tagged as
such; freely reusable in almost all of the world and tagged as illegal
in one or two countries; &c..."

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