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> This is not quite correct. It's very hard, but possible. But Wikimedia
> alone cannot do it. Wikimedia can be one of the tools that are used by the
> cultural elite, which Milos brought up. Each of these languages needs
> people like [[Pompeu Fabra]] and [[Vuk Stefanović Karadžić]] and, dare I
> say, [[Eliezer Ben-Yehuda]]. That's the sine qua non. Wikimedia is just a
> tool - a very important one, but not the main one.

In the case of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, there is a not widely known
fact that he was actually hard worker willing to listen others. He was
a villager from Serbia, sent to Austria and Germany to learn how to
help his people.

In relation to gathering spoken folk tradition, he was listening brothers Grimm.

But, more importantly, the ideology and actually the final form of the
modern Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, as well as Vuk's logistics in Vienna
were the product of a Slovene [[Jernej Kopitar]].

In our case, we need to find those hard workers all over the small
ethno-linguistic communities, explain what they should do for
themselves and give them logistics. That, of course, *if* they are
willing to that part of job for their communities and *if* they want
to build their knowledge in the form of Wikimedia projects.

BTW, I know that what I said above sounds enlightenmentish, with all
of the traps of that way of thinking. However, it's not about how they
should live. It's about how they could adopt our technology *if* they

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