Nathan wrote:
>Sure - ease of use for tagging and the sometimes complex hierarchical
>nature of categories.

For ease of use (adding and removing), I think most wikis have HotCat
(<>). Is that insufficient?

Regarding hierarchy, there's absolutely no technical reason, as far as I'm
aware, that categories must be hierarchal. It's certainly an intended
feature that categories have subcategories and the capability to be
hierarchal (i.e., you can have subcategories), but you can concurrently
use categories with a flat structure. Right?

>Tagging is also common web technology that a large proportion of users
>should be familiar with.

It's a common term, sure. It's been suggested that this may simply be a
user interface labeling problem, though. If we renamed "Categories" at the
bottom of the page to "Tags", what else needs doing?


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