Given that the purpose of the new site is discussion toward the
improvement of Wikipedia/Wikimedia, I don't see a problem in principle
with a post mentioning the existence of the new site. Repeated
promotional e-mails would be out of line, but I trust that will not be
an issue.


On 7/9/14, Fæ <> wrote:
> What do users of this list feel about it being used to discuss issues,
> or attract more members, to non-Wikimedia websites?
> Checking the definition at
> <> it's
> ambiguous as really almost anything that mentions Wikimedia could be
> in scope. I'm slightly concerned that if the 'offwiki' website is free
> to use this list membership to attract greater participation by
> Wikimedians, then to be fair and equitable, the same courtesy should
> be allowed to any other website or forum which may be expected to have
> a number of Wikimedians as participants. Obvious examples are
>, and
> Fae
> On 10/07/2014, Newyorkbrad <> wrote:
>> Wil, thank you for the announcement of your site. Although things
>> there were in a bit of a chaotic state the last time I looked at it
>> and there are clearly some bugs to be worked out, we will see whether
>> it can ultimately emerge as a fruitful discussion forum.
>> With regard to potential impersonation user registrations, including
>> users registering in the names of "prominent Wikipedians," or for that
>> matter of prominent Wikipedia critics, it is essential that you take
>> steps to verify the identity of registrants using such usernames.
>> Existing criticism sites such as Wikipediocracy and previously
>> Wikipedia Review have consistently checked such registrations before
>> allowing postings, and it is good practice that they do so, to avoid
>> potential negative impacts not only on the persons potentially
>> impersonated but on the reputations of their sites as well. (There are
>> other issues as to which those sites do not epitomize good practice in
>> my view, but this one they get right.) Similarly, I assume that such
>> checks are performed on Wikimedia mailing lists such as this one.
>> There is every reason that offwiki can do so as well and I hope you
>> intend to.
>> Regards,
>> Newyorkbrad
>> On 7/9/14, Wil Sinclair <> wrote:
>>> Hi all, I've started a new wiki called Offwiki:
>>> Our community discusses potential changes to Wikipedia and its
>>> Wikimedia sister projects that aren't easily discussed in forums like
>>> this mailing list. We also try new ideas that we hope will be adopted
>>> on-wiki- both social and technical in nature.
>>> But that's not the primary reason I'm writing all of you. I've noticed
>>> that many prominent Wikipedians have created accounts to avoid
>>> impostors claiming their very public usernames for themselves. My
>>> apologies, but Wikimedia doesn't run an OpenID server, and there's
>>> really no other way for me to confirm identities before a user has
>>> created a username. The problem is technical, and AFAIK there is
>>> nothing I can do about it.
>>> So, if you're concerned about your username being phished out, then
>>> consider creating an account at
>>> Maybe you'll even stick around for a few minutes to see what we've
>>> been up to. :)
>>> Thanks.
>>> ,Wil
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