> We have had a number (not enough!) of Wikimedia (usually Wikipedia,
> and typically English Wikipedia) discussion sites, but has there been
> any previous ones that have used mediawiki?  That is, other than
> Meta.. ?

I can't answer your question about previous sites, but I can tell you
that the reasoning behind using MediaWiki was to test ideas in both
governance and technology.

> IMO it is unfortunate that Wil didnt hasnt made more use of Meta, and
> I am curious what the reasoning behind that decision was.  There are
> very few people banned from Meta, thought it does happen occasionally
> and is usually reversed if they can behave.

Maybe my answer above addresses this. Part of the reasoning is to
create an environment where everyone can contribute. But we're also
experiment with different forms of governance and testing the impact
of technology changes on the site. This isn't something we can do on

> I am also very curious about who came up with the Offwiki term 'Flounder'.
> http://offwiki.org/wiki/Meta:Proposals#Flounders
> To me it feels like a very nasty slur against Jimmy Wales.

Actually, I did. And I didn't mean to slight Jimmy. I respect Jimmy
greatly. The idea behind "flounder" is that "founder" is a loaded word
in some circles of Wikipedia critics. Also, it's self-deprecation; I
figured we'd have issues in the beginning- after all, I'd never run a
Mediwiki installation before- and we've greatly exceeded my
expectations on this front. ;) In general, I'd like the site to take a
more light-hearted direction than it has so far, but it's up to the

> Also, will Offwiki be multilingual?  Does it intend to cover projects
> other than English Wikipedia?  If not, it isnt very relevant to the
> wikimedia-l list, but is of course relevant to wikien-l which I have
> cc:d which appears to be its primary focus.

Sure, it can be fully multilingual. I believe one person already
suggested articles in Russian.

In any case, we should probably discuss this on Offwiki itself. I'm
happy to see some interest, but it is off topic for this forum.


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