Wil Sinclair wrote:
>Hi all, I've started a new wiki called Offwiki: http://offwiki.org.
>Our community discusses potential changes to Wikipedia and its
>Wikimedia sister projects that aren't easily discussed in forums like
>this mailing list. We also try new ideas that we hope will be adopted
>on-wiki- both social and technical in nature.

Welcome back!

I enjoyed the utensil analogy on the main page. It's very cute. :-)

Spoon: If Offwiki were common cutlery, it would be a spoon. It's
not a knife, because we don't make our points here by hurting Wikipedia
or other Wikipedia-related sites. And it's not a fork, because we're
here to build a better encyclopedia by making Wikipedia itself better.

I also applaud the effort in setting up your own MediaWiki installation.
MediaWiki is a neat platform; it can be a bit brutish at times, but it has
a lot of nice features, including a decent support structure and a vibrant
development community behind it.


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