phoebe ayers skrev 2014-08-11 09:56:
We are all on the same side here: trying to make the projects (and the project interfaces, as a part of that) better. .
I agree, we all want to to improve things. But with no criticism to any individual , I do feel this again highlights my often stated standpoint. - We must have proper user controlled development of the software development.

And this include some sort of Steering group, liaison officers is Not enough. And if such a group had existed they would have discussed on the different opinions from the German communty the the WMF sw development team and made a decisions, perhaps exacly what Eric now decided, perhaps something different, but at least the dialog would have been better.

After just having left FDC I can not help comparing how tough decisions was performed with FDC in place , and here without a steering group made up of community members

I would like to urge the Board and the new ED of WMF to implement asap such a group, which has already been discussed and proposed several times, even by Eric in the yearly plan for 2014-2015


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