Anomie, if you have problems with how MediaWiki works and consider it
the relevant venue is: <

Phoebe, it's a pity you don't see it, when it's as big as the Tarpeian
Rock. MZ, can you help documenting things better at to facilitate understanding?
I'll try to make it more obvious what MZ's post means.

In MediaWiki, while some specialised roles exist, sysops are designed to be
the most trusted group among editors. Similar to the plebeian tribunes,
their position is sacrosanct and they hold a ius intercessionis (veto) on
each other and on any other user. Overriding the power of the tribunes is
unholy, even if a senatus consultum ultimum has been emitted.

Rome close an eye when Cicero strangled Sura; but when he said aloud that
he'd also kill a senator, the optimates he was serving quickly exiled him.
Until a dictator rei publicae costituendae is proclaimed, even the best
citizens of the city are liable to be exiled when they insist being unholy.

Beware of the powers you wish for.

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