On Mon, 11 Aug 2014, at 21:42, Chris Keating wrote:
> >
> > I think the most helpful thing would be to not attempt to start wars, and
> > particularly not on behalf of anyone or against individuals. We are all on
> > the same side here: trying to make the projects (and the project
> > interfaces, as a part of that) better. That includes, for instance, trying
> > out a new way of viewing photographs.
> >
> > I assume of course and as always that you send your message from a place of
> > also wanting the projects to be better and more usable. But it is hard to
> > see how anything you suggest above gets us there.
> I agree with everything Phoebe's said.

"That includes, for instance, trying out a new way of viewing photographs."
do you guys "try out" on the whole userbase?
that's not how people "try" things
it's not what actually happened wither

maybe say something more like "hi people, in the background we are writing a 
lot of wonderful code which will be used for refreshing the entire website in 
the long term"

"we're especially looking at how we fail to match project mission - we're 
people, we are making mistakes!"

"we're adding edit interface to media viewer ASAP and let everything else burn 
until we do that"

etc etc

and don't shy out, you ARE empowering the community already ;)

including jquery into list of what gadgets can use is already a huge plus, but 
i barely know any gadgets which use it

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Jackmcbarn/editProtectedHelper uses 
parsoidObj from i think parsoid itself
this potential was never exposed to developers, not to mention end users
this software is very scriptable and flexible

the world picture is ugly and awkward and the superprotected scandal is special 
as 1 staff didnt even know about this decision. need better documenting. delays 
> mistakes.

what i get from working with people is that one needs to make small steps, 
carefully, and take notes; otherwise big steps may be taken in wrong direction
and document things, go screaming and kicking, I did it! for every step made
this way people know what is going on

please keep working on documenting what on earth you're doing exactly, in public
it should be the base of the entire team
are you doing planning in your head? design? ;) definitely not
put it onto a public wiki, collaborate out in the open


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