phoebe ayers wrote:
>I think the most helpful thing would be to not attempt to start wars, and
>particularly not on behalf of anyone or against individuals. We are all on
>the same side here: trying to make the projects (and the project
>interfaces, as a part of that) better. That includes, for instance, trying
>out a new way of viewing photographs.
>I assume of course and as always that you send your message from a place
>of also wanting the projects to be better and more usable. But it is hard
>to see how anything you suggest above gets us there.

A few weeks ago, Erik reverted on the English Wikipedia and created a
storm of drama in the process. Within the past few days, Erik hastily
pushed through a new protection level on the German Wikipedia, without any
consensus and as a means of inhibiting implementation of consensus. Due to
the haste and the fundamental flaw of trying to restrict the admin group,
Erik then had to double-down on trying to impose this feature on the
German Wikipedia by having the core MediaWiki software altered and hastily
deployed. He then re-reverted on the German Wikipedia.

If this issue related to online harassment or child protection or
biographies of living people or the ability of users to edit or something
else that matters, it might make sense for Erik to step in. But I'd be
curious to read whether you think Erik's behavior has been acceptable,
appropriate, or proportionate here.

It's easy, if not a bit trite, to call for peace and love on all sides and
claim that we're all in this together. But when I look at Erik forcing
supplementary software on a community that has clearly stated that it's
not interested, wasting developer, system administrator, and translator
resources in the process, I'm inclined to think that Erik is not looking
to make the projects better. Erik is actively and perhaps permanently
damaging the relationship between the Wikimedia Foundation and the German
Wikipedia (and other wikis as well). Unelected Erik has a shiny new toy
and everyone will experience it, or else.

Copied from Meta-Wiki:

Erik has decided to take a "might makes right" approach and I'm concerned
to see responsible and clueful users like yourself endorsing his actions
here. What do Erik's unilateral actions on the English and German
Wikipedias say about him? What does it say about the features he's forcing
on users? Users should want new features. Erik shouldn't be coercing
employees to try to ensure that new features are active everywhere.


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