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> So do I. :)  (Indeed, I have had occasion to remind, uh, a colleague, that
> editing Wikipedia or its sister projects is a bit of an unusual hobby, and
> that it's Perfectly Fine to not choose to volunteer to do that on your
> personal time.)

if, as Asaf points out, it is an issue of roughly 10 people then it is
probably not really worth a lengthy discussion - it is easier to get voting
rights anyway. All in all, I think it is good that we try to be inclusive,
and WMF people (just as many others professionals employed within our
movement) definitely have an important perspective to add. Yet, it really
is not that difficult to edit a little bit. Voting rights are also a
certain privilege. Even if the only reason staff of WMF and/or chapters are
not automatically eligible to vote is the fact, that there are hypothetical
concerns about some possible political influence, it still may be enough
just because the threshold to get voting rights is really low. So, I think
that as long as the rules are known well ahead in time, it is totally fine
to have universal requirements irrespective of where one is employed.

(btw, I think it is also idealistic to assume that a determined political
group would not make a coordinated effort to gain voting rights to have
influence - just look what happened to Hugo awards and the Sad Puppies
fraction ;)


dariusz "pundit"
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