Hi Romaine,

> And the outcome is ridiculous. This is not a compromise. The Italian WLM
> team has been crashed under the weight and preponderance of the Wikimedia
> Foundation.

Well - it *is* a compromise. It isn't what you want and I think I
understand your reasons for thinking it will have a very big impact. I know
from plenty of past experience of being a volunteer disagreeing with WMF
staff  how frustrating this is (though actually I think the impact on WLM
will be less than you expect in this case).

But it is plainly not the case that the WMF has just blundered ahead with
what it was going to do anyway. And even if WMF were not involved at all
and there were some other method of allocating banner space, if Autumn has
the peak fundraising potential and is when WLM happens, there will always
be some kind of clash somewhere, and someone or other will not get what
they want. No number of emotive emails will change that.


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