Hi all,

I think it is time for the next step in the Wikidata development: a better
integration in Wikipedia and her sisterprojects.

Every day thousands of articles are created, and many of those are not
added to Wikidata, even while often an item about this subject exists.
Users forget to add a newly created article to Wikidata as there is no
stimulus at all. The next step in Wikidata development is that after the
creation of an article, users get a message (pop-up, or screen, etc) in
what they are asked to add the article/category to Wikidata. In the first
stage this can be just a pop-up with a message. But it would be better if
this can be a message + some help to do this, so that users can stay in
Wikipedia (or another project), without having to go to Wikidata.

A further step that can be developed after is the suggestion of properties
(if missing), like instance of, and based on this entry further properties.

This will make sure that there is a better integration of Wikipedia and her
sister projects with Wikidata through this workflow.

For this I created a Phabricator task at:

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